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  • AC-10S








Vandal resistant access control keypad


·         Two types of keypads are available.

·         AC-10S matches JK-DV, color video door station.

·         Vandal resistant panel, zinc die cast, and tamper proof screws are included.

·         Two independent relay outputs (N/O or N/C) are available. When same access code is programmed for both #1 and #2, two relays activate simultaneously.

·         Programmable up to 100 access codes* 4, 5, or 6 digits in length.
* #1: up to 60, #2: up to 40

·         Keypad lockout: After too many incorrect access codes are attempted.

·         Anti-tailgate: As soon as the door is closed after access is granted on #1, the door is locked even before programmed output time. Prevent sneak in.

·         One push door release with external timer connection: While the external timer is on operation, access code is not required. Press “0” key only. Programmable #1 and/or #2.

·         External output for alarming: When “Lockout” or “Forced entry” occurs, external output is available at #2.

·         Two LED indicators show the status of the access control system.

·         Illuminated keypad is easy to read.

·         Audible key press

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