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MYMS4P/232 Wired Nurse Call system hospital call master station

Nurse Call System are necessary equipment in hospital, home care, can be used between nurse, patient, doctor, MYMS4P/232 Wired Nurse Call system hospital call master station

  • Product Origin :CHINA
  • Brand               :MEEYI
  • Item NO.          :MYMS4P/232



Feature :

1.     Uninterrupted call: the mainframe is able to display calls from multiple

2.     extensions, and memorize them. Extensions can perform incoming calls in all

3.     status, such as being standby, talking and broadcasting

4.     Hands-held call intercom with a hands-held caller, the extension can realize call,

5.     call release, intercom and LED display

6.     Duplex intercom is available between the mainframes. LED channel of mainframe

7.     can choose indicator light flash, and music is on promptly.

8.     Group call function. The mainframe can realize calls to intercom with partial

9.     extensions at the same time

10.  Volume setting up

11.  Corridor display

12.  Many kinds of extensions for optional according to your need


Technical parameter :

Working voltage:


Working current: 


Transmit Frequency: 


Environment tem: